The Gents

Sonogents is a collaboration between three complementary sound guys who worked together on various projects in the past. Throughout these projects we became good friends and discovered we shared a common vision on soundtrack production in the rapidly evolving audiovisual field. The time was ripe for us, kids of the digital era, to unite our forces: in 2009 Sonogents was born.

Yoerik Roevens

Insomniac… got a Master degree in Music Production at the Royal Conservatory in Ghent. In addition he took film- and animation-related courses at the Royal Academy in Ghent. He did his internship with composer Dirk Brossé, for whom he did various assisting and productional jobs afterwards. Yoerik has been working as freelance sound designer, engineer, composer, recordist and mixer for a wide range of audiovisual productions and wrote several essays concerning the role of the soundtrack in an audiovisual context.

Nicolaas De Schepper

Nickelass… got his Master degree in Music Production at the Royal Conservatory in Ghent. He worked for several years as sound supervisor at a production company performing various jobs including recording ADR and voice-overs, editing and mixing for documentaries, film, corporate movies, games and commercials, as well creating music and concepting sound design for brand-logos and 3D-animations. He now works as a freelance sound engineer and musician.

Elias Vervecken

Holyfoly… started his foley career as assistant to foley artist Marie-Jeanne Wyckmans.  As a freelance foley artist he has worked on a wide range of feature films, documentaries and television series.  When he’s not working in the studio, Elias can be found giving sound workshops all over the country or teaching sound to film students at the Media, Arts and Design Academy Genk.

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