In order to minimize the financial pressure during the creative process and maximize artistic exploration possibilities, we have a qualitative yet affordable infrastructure at our disposal. Accordingly we offer package deals for integral productions. That way you know the exact cost beforehand and avoid surprises afterwards. If needed we finalize the mix at Dolby/DTS certified dubbing stages or specialized mastering rooms. Foley can also be recorded at dedicated studios.

Feel free to contact us for more information or a customized quotation.

Soundtrack Concepting

In order to make the very best out of your audiovisual production, Sonogents offers soundtrack concepting and sound scripting services. Besides the artistic advantages, such approach allows better planning and avoidance of problems in the post-production stage.


click for more pictures...We offer both in-house and location recording services. In-house recording includes vocals, foley, sound effects and musical instruments. Location recording ranges from on-set efp to multitrack ambience, effects and music recording. (more pictures »»)


Sonogents provides in-house foley recording services. Because of our collaborative workflow the boundaries of traditional foley practices are often crossed far into the realm of the sound designers.

Sound Design

click for more pictures...To give each audiovisual production a most unique sonic identity quality texture, we create and record most of the sound effects, rather than relying on commercial libraries. As a result we have gathered an extensive custom sample library by now. (more pictures »»)

Mixing & Mastering

click for more pictures...Both sound and music can be mixed and mastered in stereo or 5.1 surround formats. Our mixing room is calibrated in accordance with all major delivery specifications. (more pictures »»)

Music Production

click for more pictures...Sonogents takes care of the complete music production process, including  writing, arranging, recording, mixing and mastering. We also possess a huge network of composers, arrangers and performing musicians in a broad spectrum of styles and specialisations. (more pictures »»)

VR and Game Sound

We create all kinds of game sound assets and integrate them into various audio engine pipelines. For more information, visit

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