Both our studios operate on Protools, which ensures maximum compatibility with other studio’s and audiovisual production companies.

Studio 1

Our mixing room provides stereo and 5.1 mixing possibilities and features a projection screen for a nearly cinematic experience. Excellent acoustics and monitoring guarantee extremely accurate translation of our mixes in the movie theatre and on all common playback devices.

Studio 2

Our recording room is mostly used for foley and voice recordings. The engineering desk is placed inside the recording room, which allows natural communication and collaboration between director, talent and engineer. Recordings can also be controlled from studio 1 using video streaming. Various flooring surfaces and a gravel pit offer an efficiënt foley workflow and natural sounding results.

Other Facilities

Sonogents features a central meeting room and provides private parking space for up to 6 vehicles. We are located in a quiet rural area envoking maximum focus on the artistic project.

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